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May 1, 2013

Warm greetings everyone. I hope you are keeping well. On behalf of the Tai Shang Men Xiao Yao Pai school of Spiritual Daoism and courtesy of the Indonesian Daoist Association, I'd like to inform you of our upcoming Daoist Initiation Event; to be held in Virginia, US and London, UK on the 29th and 30th of October and 5th and 6th of November 2016, respectively.It will be a two-day event with the purpose of sharing the ancient art of Xian Tian Dao Yin Shu (The Divine Guidance Art); a precursor to modern day Qigong, Taiji and Houtian Neidan (Internal Alchemy).


There will also be lectures on Daoist exercises, Physiognomy, Palm Reading and Feng Shui.

Xian Tian Dao Yin Shu is considered to be one of the oldest known Chinese systems of spiritual cultivation with roots dating back to the Yellow Emperor of China: Huangdi - and his legendary master; the Kong Tong mountain hermit, Guangzhengzi.


For nearly 5000 years our school has preserved the ancient art and disseminated its teachings to those ready to embark on the journey of their self-discovery.


Why would you want to learn Xian Tian Dao Yin Shu instead of the many other systems of spiritual development available today?


Dao Yin Shu is uniquely different to other methods. This is primarily due to its inheritance of one of the first methods of Daoist transmission, which was used to pass information down from the spiritual master to the student in a direct line of communication.


To help you understand why and how this is important and to comprehend the differences between the styles of Daoist cultivation practiced today and how they were practiced in the past, I'll need to give you a little background:


There are basically two forms of Dao Yin (Daoist Yoga) that exist today which encompasses the full breadth of Daoist cultivation. The two methods can be distinguished by their prefix. The parent art is called Xiantian Dao Yin Shu, while the child is referred to as Houtian Dao Yin Shu.


If you look up the word Dao Yin (導引) today, you will find a description that states its meaning as "guiding" and "stretching". Here the limbs of the practitioner are stretched in varying directions and movements to create forms, like those we see in Qigong and Taiji. The aim being in cultivating and guiding the body's electromagnetic energy along the network of meridian channels that run throughout the body, so that the physical matter (Jing), subtle energy (Qi) and heart-mind (Shen) can be invigorated and strengthened.


This method of Dao Yin is considered Houtian or Post Heavenly Cultivation; and it does not retain the root of the ancient art. While on its own, the practice of cultivating and manipulating the body's internal energy has been well established for millennia, even in other disciplines such as Hindu Yoga. Here the words "guiding" and "stretching" have been severely misinterpreted on account of a lack of information.


The parent art of Dao Yin Shu that comes before the modern Houtian idea of "guiding" and "stretching" the limbs, defines Dao Yin in a very different way. This particular form is classified as Xian Tian or Pre Heavenly Cultivation - and the term "Yin" is actually denoted here as "guidance" (of a teacher) as opposed to "guiding" (of the limbs and energy). The reason for this remarkable difference can be found in the way the teachings of the school were passed on and more importantly, "who" did the passing.


Unlike Houtian Dao Yin Shu, the practitioners of the progenitor form of Xiantian Dao Yin Shu could receive the school's complete curriculum only after they partook in a spiritual initiation ceremony, where they were initiated by an authorised Daoist master of the highest order. During this event, the master would activate the disciples higher mind (Yuan Shen), catalysing their ability to perceive information beyond the range of their natural senses. In this state of supernatural perception. The master could officially connect the disciple to the Celestial branch of their lineage, where the practitioner could be taken under apprenticeship by a registered Daoist immortal (Xian Shen).

Under the official duty of a guide to an authorised school, the Daoist immortals were referred to as Hu Fa Shen. Their sole purpose in this role being to instruct the disciple on the path of spiritual cultivation; giving them advice and guidance to ensure that the delicate internal transformations of the subtle body are nurtured and developed to a reliable standard in accord with the great Dao. In this way the student could rest assured that the knowledge and wisdom received was from a being who had already fully walked the path.


With that clarification, I hope that now you can understand the original meaning of the "Yin" in the phrase "Dao Yin". It is the "guidance" of a realised ascended teacher and not the "guiding" of energy in the meridians.


The many forms of Dao Yin Shu which have proliferated in Daoist culture today and are the basis for the teachings of most Daoist schools; have lost this ancient root and the privilege of a direct transmission in the old art of the Dao. As a result of this, if you wish to learn about Neidan and Dao Yin today, you must physically visit a teacher and have them transmit their experience to you in person. The downside to this is that we usually have to pay some form of monthly fee and we are always limited by the teacher's experience, unable ourselves to verify the authenticity of their knowledge until we have applied it to our own bodies and often yielded unfavorable results, sometimes detrimental to our health and wellbeing. After all, they are also just learning. Contrary to this, when someone inherits Xian Tian Dao Yin Shu through a spiritual initiation; their assigned Hu Fa Shen will be there to guide them indefinitely. You needn't travel to class daily or pay a monthly fee. Every disciple can connect to their Hu Fa Shen anytime, anywhere and journey on the path of their cultivation of the Dao.


If you've always wanted to learn directly from a realised teacher, we offer you to join us on this revelation of a most mysterious and illuminating dimension of phenomenal experience. It is a journey unlike any other and I'm honored to be able to facilitate the treasure of the old arts to all those interested.


To learn more about the ancient art of Xian Tian Dao Yin Shu; feel free to read this article, which goes into more detail about our school, Dao Yin Shu, Spiritual Initiaiton and more:


You can read Testimonials from initiated practitioners here:


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May 1, 2013

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