Spiritual Daoism is an ancient, secular (non-religious) discipline of self development focused on the cultivation of the subtle spiritual aspects of the human energetic complex.

At the bedrock of every human condition, lies our basic impulse for survival through the preservation of life. 

This singular point is the governing pivot of all sentient life and the spark that ignited the fire of ancient Daoism.

To facillitate this survival, the people of olden days encouraged themselves to embrace life, but the ancient Daoists didn't just want to survive. They wanted to thrive; and so they sought to discover ways to prolong life and enhance their experiences. 

Early on in their endeavours, they accepted that the only way to truly augment their reality and afford themselves the sweet fruits of the earth; was to establish harmony with their environment and the world they lived in.

To begin this journey of evolution, they didn't have to look far, for they had the most apt teacher of harmony; Nature. 

Nature was all around them and brimming with invaluable lessons. Willing to provide all that was needed and ready to whisper into the ears of those placed to listen. Thus, the lands and the skies, the mountains and the oceans, and all things borne of them became the subjects of their learning. They saw that even though nature never hurried, she left nothing undone and thus was always in harmony. Never trying, yet accomplishing wonders; she was always content.

As the ancient Daoists began to study nature, they gradually unraveled the laws which governed life and 

progressively evolved into the early scientists of our world; researching, evaluating, experimenting, observing, and documenting everything they came to understand. The life of the Daoist became synonymous with the act of exploration, and a life lived through ones own personal experiences rather than the experiences of others. The pursuit of knowledge without boundaries and the desire for a deeper understanding of nature and our existence became a core attitude and a foundational tenet of the Daoist way.

Many of the discoveries and inventions which came about as a result of this approach to life, were utilised to simplify and improve the human condition; making it a far more enjoyable experience for themselves and their fellow men. Whenever there was a facet of life that could be improved, it was explored. From herbology, to massage, acupuncture, qigong, physics, astronomy, martial arts, agriculture or even architecture. Every area of being was ventured and no stone was left unturned in the proactive evolution of human life.

While much of the external world was bettered and different technologies were created to maintain the body's health and ensure that life was more pleasurable; they were beset by their inability to avoid their own physical death. Nothing they acomplished, no matter how grand, could fully surmount the inevitable onset of old age and natural death. No matter how talented they became, there was simply no pill strong enough to relieve the universal malady of physical impermanance, but alas they were not entirely without a lead in this monumentous task. You see, the Daoists sages of old, like our modern day scientists, believed that everything in existence was a product of energy; energy resonating at different frequencies and vibrations - and in their search, they discovered that this phenomenon permeated all things; spanning the most distant and far reaching horizons of the fabric of existence. It bound everything together like a cosmic glue, and although they didn't quite understand yet what their relationship as humans was to this all encompassing primordial energy; they beleived that garnering a more in-depth understanding of it might prove instrumental in their quest to prolong life. They called this energy Qi (氣).

It invigorated all that was, sustaining life in all its myriad forms.





Having achieved their initial goal of a life of peace and harmony in nature, with technology, medicine, arts and culture to take care of their basic needs; their minds became relaxed and at ease. Not having to worry about survival and the external world, they began to focus on what was within. As they did this, they naturally observed something fascinating.


When they closed their eyes, relaxed their body and gently focused their attention, they realised they could actually track their own thoughts, inside their head. Left and right, up and down, the thoughts seemed to fire like an endless shower of shooting stars, in every direction.

How is it that I can see my own thoughts, they wondered?


Surely, If i am this body and this mind, then I am the very thought form itself, so how come i can see my own thoughts and know of myself beyond myself? - It is almost as if there is someone else in there watching me being me! I know that my eyeballs cannot turn around to look upon themselves, so then it seems that there must be "someone" or "something" else behind my minds activity, that is observing my own thoughts.










Could that be the "real me", they pondered?

Perhaps this is why their previous efforts to prolong life had continously failed, for rather than acknowledging this mysterious and unfathomable presence within, they had focused their efforts entirely on the physical, being so close and yet so far from the most curious and apparent truth.


Whatever this "thing" was, they thought; I cannot see it, and yet somehow it can see me and my thoughts, and watches them as if from the perspective of a second person; and yet I cannot grasp this observer like I can my own flesh and bone, because it has no form.


Could there be another mind beyond my mind and another body beyond my body. Could that be my actual self? 

Maybe we are in fact really this nameless observer, and not the body that is born and dies, for if energy cannot be created or destroyed, but our body always meets death and old age, then perhaps our true form is not physical, but non-physical. Perhaps it is this silent entity that seems to see me but cannot itself be seen.

" Today we know that

when energy (Qi) expands or 

contrats and alters the vibrational frequency of its structure, be it a molecule, an atom or a particle-wave; it is able organise itself to produce various states of matter. Thus far, using our currently avaialble technology, our scientific efforts have been able to observe and detect 5 of these states; namely: Solid, Liquid,

Gas, Plasma and

Bose-Einstein Condensate."

" Unborn and imperishable
is the Original Mind.

Earth, water, wind and fire;
a temporary lodging for the night.


Attached to this ephemeral burning house.

You yourselves light the fire and

kindle the flames in which

you are consumed. "

The more the Daoists of old searched within for answers, the more questions they were met with. Far more questions than the answers they had initially anticipated.

In the wake of their inspiring revelations, their focus quickly turned from the outside to the inside. The more ground they made in this inquiry, the stronger their convictions became, until they had no choice but to seriously entertain the notion, that some formless aspect of their being, this nameless observer within, was somehow independent of the physical body and might be able to continue existing after the death of the physical body; albeit in an after-life or non-physical state.

After long periods of research, there were significant commonalities recorded between different Daoist groups about their experiences - and in time as more of this information accrued , it made it possible to establish a basic foundation of principles in summary of their collective investigation of the human spirit and the notion of a potential afterlife.


The general findings determined that the physical body was a vehicle for something much greater, but the body itself always remained impermanent; sooner or later eventually succumbing to death and decay. It would therefore be pointless to focus all their efforts and recourses into preserving the physical body, since it was but a temporary vessel. They agreed that there was indeed something else detected during the course of these internal inquiries, and it had a very different quality to that of the physical body, which seemed to be its carrier. Whatever it was, it was non-tangible and possesed a remarkable quality; it was transcendental. 

It could exist within and without the body and seemed to be entirely beyond the clutches of death. They called this aspect of the human - the soul. Eventually, they discovered that it was always there. It was there long before the body was ever born and remained long after it had passed away.


These delicate states of observation were not available to the untrained, but became possible after the Daoist practitioner had attuned his senses to pick-up information resonating beyond that of the regular operating ranges of their faculties.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, take the electromagnetic spectrum for instance:







Can you see that relatively tiny coloured strip between the 400 and 700 nanometer band? It starts from the colour Red and progressively shortens in wavelength as it reaches Violet.

Everything that we can absorb through our eyes resonates between this range. It effectively defines our perceptual reality. Above or below these wavelengths an object would appear physically invisible to us. We might be able to sense it with our other faculties, but as the saying goes; Seeing is believing.

In that regard, there is a lot we can see, but lets face the truth, It pales in comparison to what escapes our senses.


To be exact, of the entire measured EM spectrum; only 0.005% is visible to the naked human eye. That means that less than 1% of our reality is perceptible, and think of just how much beauty and wonder that 1% contains. It can inspire us with a burst of sunshine at sunrise and move to tears with soft hues at sunset; or it can leave us in awe as lightwaves refract through raindrops creating vibrant rainbows. Think of the beautiful rainforests , the northern lights or an amazing indoor lightshow. Think of the image of a loved one or the beauty of a blooming flower.


We do truly have a beautiful world. Undoubtedly.

Now multiply that twenty thousand times (0.005% x 20,000), because that is how much more you would be able to experience if you could witness the full width and breadth of what we have measured till date. It's mind blowing, but its also a sobering reminder of our blinding ignorance of the very world we live in; highlighting just how little we know in the ontological scheme of all things.

If you think about our other senses, such as hearing or smelling. Well, we're no top dog in this department either. Even our loveable fuzzy and too often drooly K9 friends are infinitely more sensitive in this regard, able to pick up an abundantly greater scale of information than we ever could without the aid of technology.

Just because we can't see, hear, smell, taste or even touch something, doesn't mean that its not there, so we shouldn’t restrict our reality of the world to only what we can sense with our current instruments of measure, because despite our technological dominance over our fellow earthly inhabitats, there is so much of the world that still remains obscure to us. 

So much for which we must remain open-minded, if we are to preserve and honour that spirit of adventure and discovery that lies within us all and is absolutely fundamental to our nature as human beings.

Now that you have an expanded understanding of how much of the undiscovered lies beyond the envelope of our body's senses, lets continue to explore the inward journey of the early Daoists whom, by tuning their senses and developing their awareness, were able to go deeper and perceive finer and more illuminating states of perception.

As many of the founding Daoist groups continued to advance their practice, it became undeniable that this intagible energy entity within us was real. This "soul", became the sole focus of their curiousity and their efforts to find a medium of existence that could persist beyond the death of the physical body; an existence that was by all means, imperishable and everlasting.

The 2 day initiation event planned is to be held in London, the objective of which will be to introduce participants to a Taoist system of spiritual cultivation called Tao Yin Shu or The Divine Guidance Art.


Day 1 will consist of a short seminar lasting about two hours, which will explain the basic concepts of spiritual Taoism, followed by a Tao Ying initiation performed by a Taoist Master.


During the Tao Ying initiation ceremony, the master will leverage his cultivated spiritual energy and awaken your Yuan Shen (original mind), while simultaneously establishing a connection to your Fu Fa Shen; mentor god or: spiritual guide, immortal teacher, guardian angel.


Your Fu Fa Shen will fall under two categories:


1. An ascended immortal whom was previously in human form and achieved the ultimate goal of cultivation to become a Xian (immortal), during their life on earth. Some of these can be newly ascended immortals or hundreds of years old, even thousands.


2. An enlightened spiritual being which has always existed in it's non-physical form and did not cultivate from a human being to achieve this state. Some of these can be tens of thousands of years old and more, even spanning all the way back to the beginning of creation itself.


Your spiritual mentor is not assigned to you randomly.

A request is made directly to the highest being: Tai Shang Lao Jun, whom specifically assigns your teacher to you.


They are matched, based on your personality and current level of development.


Tai Shang Lao Jun is also known as the treasurer of spirits and is most prominently known for his physical incarnation as the teacher and founding father of Taoism; Lao Zi.


Once initiated, practitioners will be able to connect with other dimensions in a fully aware non-trance state and establish a connection with the divine realms to learn, study and develop their physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.


Among many other things, these ability will allow you to connect and communicate with any immortal or holy spirit across any belief system, allow you to unravel the secrets of life and the after-life and lead you into the core understanding of Taoism, which is the fundamental origin of all Taoist skills and knowledge such as, medicine, feng shui (geomancy), meditation, talisman skills, qigong and shen skills, ceremonies and more.


Your Fu Fa Shen, will guide you through your practice in a manner specific to your level of development and understanding.


During day 2, you will be trained in how to perform Taoist exercises, including basic Qi Gong (Breath exercises) and Jing Zuo (meditation).


After the seminar and initiation event. You can go back home and continue to safely practice the system under the guidance of your Fu Fa Shen, without the need for further assistance. All teaching will be administered by your FFS. Should you require any form of assistance, guidance or advice in regard to your practice you can contact a more senior member of the school; and they will be more than happy to help you. We are one big family and we share a common passion for cultivation and making progress on the way, so don't be shy.


This is a rare opportunity to be initiated by a Taoist Master from a rare Taoist school, which is currently the only known lineage holder of the authentic spiritual guidance art of the East.


To get you started here are some links below.


Before you decide on attending the initiation, please send an email to xuan@spiritualdaoism.com with the message ONLINECOURSE, to receive out schools free introductory course to Spiritual Taoism through Xiao Yao Pai; it will give you an understand of our practice methods goals and fundamental philosophy.


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