Nov 01, 2015

United Kingdom


I went to London with some expectations but in the same time I did not know what to expect.

When begun the Initiation I was relaxed and opened for everything.
I did not know what to exactly expect. I knew that I should to follow "something" what can happened.

After closing my eyes I felt in my hands some kind of magnetic energy.
My hands begun to go one to the left and second to the right side - then back. After a while one hand made a circle up and in the same time the second one the circle down - and these circles were repeated several times.

It was like a symbol of Tai Chi. In the end my hands stopped in the position like holding the ball in the front of my chest. They were fixed in this position.

All the time I felt in my hands hot and cold in the same time. I could full control the movement of my hands - but I followed the "impulse" which lead me to do it. When I went back to my room in hotel I said the mantra and I talk to my FFS - it was monolog from my side. I felt that I should to sit down on the floor - in normal position like for meditation.

Then my way of breathing immediately changed. I started to breath with my chest. After a while I felt that I should to stand up. I did it and then begin something like Qi Gong. In the beginning I could feel the energy which guided me and then I could see in my head "pictures" of the positions which I should to exercise. I followed these pictures and during exercises I felt relaxed and when I moved my hands over different parts of my body - I could feel energy and again cold and hot in these parts of my body. I tried to do the movements which I did not "see" and interesting thing - I did not feel relaxed or hot and cold. When I stared to follow the "pictures" I could again have this feelings of relax etc.

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