Xiao Yao Pai (逍遥派) is a Daoist school of

spiritual cultivation, with roots dating back to the earliest formations of the Daoist way of life.


It is part of Tai Shang Men (太上门);

"The Supreme Gate" of Daoist transformation.


Our school is the only known inheritor of the ancient spiritual system of Daoist cultivation known as Xian Tian Dao Yin Shu.


Today, we share this art openly with the world, in the hope that the ancient knowledge of our school can help to build a bridge between the science of old and the science of our day.

Our endeavour is to re-introduce the world 

to the long lost and until recent decades, 

considered extinct arts of ancient Daoism.

We wish to equip all those seeking to embody the full potential of their existence, with the tools necessary to facillitate their journey on the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


We invite you to join us on this remakable 

revelation of a deep and most mysterious  truth. Allow us to introduce you to a novel 

dimension of reality that many only dream of and few ever know; and prepare to discover the ancient art of Daoist guided meditation.

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School of Spiritual Daoism